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The NME even went so far as to pose the question, 'Kate Nash: corrupted by the Cribs?

’ After being compared to Lily Allen for so long, this must be a little galling for the 22-year-old singer-songwriter. 'I think if you’re going out with someone you should be inspired by them.

After a year off, it’s an exciting, nerve-racking time for her.

Nash has just taken her new songs on the road, completing a series of small warm-up gigs.

While I’m grateful for my friends and partners, as anyone is grateful for having people they love in their life, this isn't amazing—it's basic human psychology.

When I go back to that lingerie shop, I want the clerks to simply assume that I’m buying for myself.Instead, they reward an able-bodied person for daring to love someone who uses a cane. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have ever made a statement like that. I was scared to reach out because of the stigmas I faced.Who would want me if they knew I struggled to get up in the mornings?Another day scrolling through social media, and it’s the same stream as always: posts about horrible rush hour traffic, pictures of cute pugs, twelve dozen memes about politics...and the story of a girl in a wheelchair who gets a date for her high school prom.

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My bunny rabbit, Fluffy, had to have an operation to get spayed, and in my head it was like if I didn’t eat an animal then she would be OK.’ Bunny rabbits aside, Nash comes across as rather serious, with a nice line in bathos.

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