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unknown o__o;; I'll have to think on that for a bit longer..

"Now, everyone loves Steve - he's probably the most famous minecrafter in the world, and has excellent stubble."But jolly old Steve doesn't really represent the diversity of our playerbase.

I hope that in this century, we will learn to apply all the political lessons we learned in the last one to our personal lives, our families, our small tribes.

(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) Matt Stone/The Courier-Journal "I base things on the truth," Louisville coach Rick Pitino told the media after being asked about his mindset regarding sex allegations of recruits in a book recently published.Not to worry however, as there looks to be several mods in development that will add realism to your marital beds.And you won’t even have to wait for a vote to legalize it in your village!Take a gander at the video above, courtesy of You Tuber Pinrose331.)|)$/; function ab() function bb() function cb() m.event = , m.remove Event = y.remove Event Listener ?

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