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While a bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement, employers will also look for candidates that list a master's degree on their resumes when hiring for certain specific Corporate Accountant jobs. Performed full month end closing for multiple corporate departments. Responsible for billing, collections, cash receipts, bank reconciliations, accounts payable.

Assist with monthly closing journal entries and account analysis.

If you're on a project with multiple subcontractors and suppliers, it's highly, highly likely that others on the project are sending notices already.

General contractors use the preliminary notices to keep track of which subcontractors, suppliers, and equipment providers are on the project.

Parties furnishing labor or materials to a project send these construction notices to protect their lien rights and to comply with local laws requiring these notices.

Other parties, such as property developers, lenders, and general contractors, look forward to receiving preliminary notices from subcontractors and suppliers because they provide more visibility as to who is contributing to the job.

In fact, our tool is used by general contractors and owners around the country to help them manage these notices.

In most cases, they want to receive them and find them helpful. Nationwide, there are millions of construction notices sent every single month.

Most states require subcontractors and suppliers to provide the notice to key project stakeholders like the property owner, the general contractor, and the construction lender.In either case, it’s common for administrators and finance professionals to spend a lot of time doing busy work like research prelim notice laws, managing notice requirements, and handing the paperwork involved with preparing, mailing, and tracking preliminary notices.’s technology empowers companies to eliminate the busy work associated with preliminary notices.We help companies send the right notice document at the perfect time on every project, so they can focus on more meaningful work.Preliminary notices are step one to getting paid in the construction industry.Sending preliminary notices is common in the construction industry.

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