At any time that one of our Appointment Setters speaks to a Client that is even remotely dissatisfied, the Appointment Setter is trained to give the Client the phone number to our Member Services Department, and to notify his/her Manager immediately, with the Client's name, phone number, and complaint.This message is then given to our Member Services Department directly, and immediately, who then calls the Client to rectify the situation.The Right One recently hooked up a man who has a felony and just got out of prison for raping a child with a lady who has been tramatized because she was raped as a child.When the lady found out what he was she contacted The Right One and told them what is happening.

I used to go over 3 years with no contact what so ever, They absolutly F****** Suck and i have no idea how they live with themselves..

I would have to tell them that thier profile was very compatible with our database of singles and that we show a ton of matches which we do none of that. We are NOT to quote prices over the phone cause they range from 95.00 to ,995.00.

I would try to get them to come in and meet with a so-called conselour, which is actully a high-pressure sales person. But when asked we are suposed to say that we never had anyone say they couldn't afford it! " I would sometimes call people who were already members and they tell me that they are very unhappy with our service and would like to speak with someone in member relations.

The Right One does a criminal background check on ALL of its Clients.

We do NOT allow people with violent felony convictions, severe history of drug or alcohol abuse, history of mental illness, and severe financial difficulties.

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