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So far, the blog has more than 50,000 views and 40 members struggling with GSA have subscribed to the forum.Sullens, a 39-year-old art therapist and childbirth educator from Florida, embarked on a similarly forbidden relationship with her biological father about the same time as De Neen.“I have never looked at a man outside marriage and never wanted to,” she said.“But all the old wounds flew open and I lost my footing.” The relationship lasted only a couple months, when she realized “it wasn’t right,” Sullens began scouring the Internet for answers and began to blog on Gonyo’s online forum.“Something just snapped and broke in me,” she said.

“That’s why it’s so confusing when it happens.” Sullens was adopted at the age of 4 months.In my heart, the most painful part of my story is the rejection.I look back and even the other parts look sick, but don’t hurt me as much as the rejection.” Today, she has no relationship with her father or her half-siblings and a full sister. In their first public appearance, they appeared in May on the Dr. “GSA is such a vortex and you lose your sense of reality – your true north is gone,” said Sullens.“It is mitigated when you have open access to records and birth certificates and the family from infancy is included.” The parent is often as smitten as the child, experiencing these feelings for the first time, and is rarely a sexual predator, according to Alvarado.But the imbalance of power makes the adult child more vulnerable to manipulation.

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