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● Regular reserved time slot will be carried forward month to month.

● Priority choice of lesson times ● Specialty classes such as the “competitive prep” classes with trainers Kendra & Devon Bridges ● Ultimate rider progress with a consistent class/instructor environment ● Discounts on programs and events (i.e.

“This is especially so during festive periods when consumers are looking forward to receiving their dresses or gifts in time for the celebration, so we want to expedite clearance.” Fake guns, real trouble On June 15, the Perak Customs Department seized five air rifles worth RM2,045 with unpaid duty of RM879.

The online purchaser, a 15-year-old student, was arrested after the Ipoh post office found the air rifles with brass pellets after scanning the parcels which had arrived from a foreign country.

'I don't want anyone else to risk it,' his mother Grace said.If a student discontinues the Monthly Membership program, any unused make-up lessons are void.● Account must be on Auto Pay with a current form of Payment.“Criminals are getting more creative by the day, so we need to always be one step ahead,” he says, adding that goods purchased online or by mail order are usually delivered via postal and courier services.Customs officers at post office branches nationwide will check the declaration forms and relevant documents and all packages and parcels are screened by X-ray machines.

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