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IF NORTH KOREA were not so tragic and dangerous, the scenes broadcast to the world after the funeral of Kim Jong Il would have been comic. Men, women and children tore at their clothes in homage to a man who for 17 years kept his people in a state of isolation, poverty and indoctrination unparalleled in the modern world.

According to the state news agency, “even the sky seemed to writhe in grief” at the demise of the “great saint born of Heaven”.

What is more, the clique of Kim family members, generals and senior government officials whose loyalty has stood the test of purges may have as much to lose as their young protégé from the collapse of the regime.

The fate of Muammar Qaddafi after he gave up his nuclear-weapons programme will not encourage Mr Kim to abandon North Korea's. Standing conspicuously behind the heir are an apparent troika of regents: his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui, her husband, Jang Song Taek, both longtime confidants of his father, and another ally of his father, General Ri Yong Ho, the boy king's umbilical cord to the army.

There was pathetic gratitude when tin mugs of warm milk were put into trembling hands—proof, it was reported, of the solicitousness of Kim Jong Un, third son of the “Dear Leader” and heir to his murderous regime.

In his glass coffin, the dead Kim had lain in the Kumsusan mausoleum, his head on a white cushion, his body draped in a red blanket whose colour matched the flowers—his cherished —that surrounded his corpse.

That allows them to take part in the semi-tolerated black-markets which have sprung up in the void left by the collapse of the food-distribution system.

Yet even in the early months of the regime, internal stability cannot be taken for granted.

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