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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Equally, the Carandahy River specimen's appearance was described by Thomson in his book THE JAGUARETE – AN AMALGAMATED ANOMALY?

), I have encountered few subjects engendering more controversy and confusion than the reality, or otherwise, of black pumas.

Consequently, I have explored various aspects of this most contentious mystery cat in a number of different publications of mine.

REASON #1: CONSPICUOUS BY ITS ABSENCEOrdinarily, the puma Conversely, even though this species has the greatest native distribution range of any modern-day wild cat, occurring from the northernmost regions of North America to the southern tip of South America, the number of confirmed black pumas can be counted on the claws of one paw!

Not a single scientifically-confirmed preserved specimen exists.

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Reproduced below, this photo depicts a dead specimen shot in 1959 by Miguel Ruiz Herrero in the province of Guanacaste along Costa Rica's north Pacific coast.

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