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Posted by: Ogre at PM | No Comments | Add Comment Post contains 280 words, total size 2 kb.The open campaign to remove God from America continues.

Yeah, they're the Americans that have been fighting Islamic terrorists since 1801. Posted by: Ogre at PM | Comments (5) | Add Comment Post contains 26 words, total size 1 kb. (And yes, I know it's early, but it's Friday, and I don't know what you people will be doing all weekend!

This time it's happening at The Washington Monument. Because in order to fully implement socialism, there can be NO higher power than government.

We simply cannot, and will not, have any references to God Almighty in the country. As usual, the government employees fall back on "I'm just doing my job." I wish there were somewhere I could go that was interested in freedom.

And you can have your private thoughts about religion (for now).

But any public expression of religion, if it's related to Christianity, simply will not be tolerated.

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  1. The weapons and ammunition have been directly linked to crimes across nine police forces including murders, attempted murders and the 2011 Birmingham riots when shots were fired at the West Midlands Police helicopter. The prosecution proved at trial that Edmunds had unexplained deposits of more than £350,000.