2016 pigeon john is dating your sister Single greifswald kostenlos

Is Clueless (Pigeon John) · Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister (Pigeon John) · Pigeon John Sings the Blues!

(Pigeon John) · Spot the Pigeon (Genesis) · Sex Pigeon/Sky Vermin (Sam U.

If you're polite, I'll be polite, and depending on the review, I'll politely inform you in an author's note or PM you. I do this for fun, but I still put in time, thought, and effort into my stories (however poor or great they may seem to you).

If you insult me in a PM, I'll read it, delete it, block you, and that will be the end of it. And I take people who insult my work, paid or not, as an insult to myself.

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It's not like I plan on starting a whole new story, just to leave another work-in-progress that is unfinished.

Considering that one of my favorite stories of all time on this site is only two chapters long, and I hope every day to see an update, I understand completely.

That said, when a story is complete, what is wrong with posting it?

Today, I posted a new story, It's a one-shot and I have no plans to continue it.

But I got this anonymous review: "Stop writing new stories, and finish the stories you already have ffs!

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